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Carlton Insurance works with hundreds of carriers to ensure that you receive the most advantageous price for your long-term-care insurance needs. There are numerous options from which to choose. The ultimate choice of plans and carriers depends on your unique needs, specific situation, current health, medical history and budget. If you are interested in long-term-care insurance, please
contact me.

About Long-Term-Care (LTC)
75% of people older than 65 will need long term care services at some point in their lives. The national average cost for one year of long term care service in a nursing home is $80K or more. A Long Term Care policy will help pay for these inevitable expenses. An LTC policy can be expensive; however, in most cases benefits paid out in the first six months of claim will more than justify the annual cost of this valuable insurance coverage.

LTC insurance establishes an instant pool of funds to be used to pay some of the costs of a long-term care event and protect your assets. The purchase of LTC insurance helps transfer some of the risk so you can maintain your lifestyle should something happen down the road.

Designing the Plan that is Right for you
Each individual has a unique health history, family longevity, asset base and budget. LTC policies offer many options and choices. It is important to understand your needs before designing an LTC insurance plan that will be most suitable. If you would like more information about LTC insurance, please
contact me.

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